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CRTC consulting the public on the CBC's license renewals

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CRTC consulting the public on CBC license renewalsJune 17, 2011: The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is holding a public consultation regarding the CBC's licenses until September 2011, blogs Carla Cristoffanini for She also notes that while the CBC promotes Canadian arts and culture, the private sector makes little effort to support Canadian content.

"As the public body that regulates and supervises Canadian broadcasting, the CRTC must review and renew licensing of all broadcasting stations, including the CBC. The CRTC is currently holding a public consultation to evaluate the renewal of the CBC's radio and television licenses. A healthy and participatory dialogue about this issue will allow the CRTC to make a much more informed decision that is relevant for the Canadian public.

As the only public radio and television broadcaster in Canada, the CBC must follow a comprehensive mandate to uphold Canadian culture and values. Its role in the broadcasting sphere is significant, as it provides radio, television, and online services to all Canadian provinces in both French and English..."

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Posted: July 06, 2011

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