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Regulations, not free market forces, keep Canadian consumers safe

Harper's quiet erosion of civil society and public services puts us all at risk.

Cassels: Without monitoring safety of products, drugs, and food, our lives a little more endangered.May 2011: Alan Cassels exposes in Common Ground that Canadians are increasingly unsafe in hospitals and that they have more and more to fear from their meat, produce, baby products, small appliances, medical devices (such as glucometers), and prescription drugs. He questions Harper's fear-mongering politics and commitments to prisons and stealth fighters when concerns over Canadians' safety actually stem from his funding cuts.

"Electing a government may be about a lot of things, but what seems to dominate the speeches of candidates is how they plan to spend our tax dollars. Those decisions determine our priorities and shape what kind of country we'll have now and in the future so whatever underpins those priorities is worthy of some careful thought. After nearly a month of political campaigning, I can only discern one distinct refrain in the various Harper pronouncements: fear. When the PM says, as he does in his broken-record way, "Let me be perfectly clear," he is about to remind us, once again, that the world is a big, fearful place and that the government's main job is to make us safe..."

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Posted: June 15, 2011

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