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Alberta union offers $500 prize for best video about health-care privatization

Winning video to be posted on YouTube.

Anti-Privatization Committee Chair Erez Raz wants to make a mockery of privatized health careby the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees


EDMONTON, June 5, 2008 —The Anti-Privatization Committee of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is offering a $500 prize to the creator of the best video of three minutes or less that makes fun of health care privatization.

"The goal is to create a very short video in digital format that can be spread 'virally' through YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet to help defeat the privatization ideology by making fun of it," said AUPE Vice-President Erez Raz, Chair of the Anti-Privatization Committee.

"Obviously we are not looking for big-budget productions," Raz added. "On the contrary, we want to encourage young people to use their sense of humour and basic technical skills to forge weapons against wasteful right-wing pipedreams like for-profit hospitals."

Raz said the winning video needs to make the point that privatization is a bad way to deliver public services, costs taxpayers more and provides less effective and efficient health care services than those delivered by properly paid, fairly treated public employees who are part of the health care team.

The contest is open to anyone. Rules of the contest are as follows:

- The finished video must be no more than three minutes in length.

- The video should provide a humourous critique of any form of privatization in health care, including the use of so-called "public-private partnerships."

- The video must be in digital format.

- The creator must provide signed releases for all actors that appear in the video.

- Completed videos must be sent by email or on disk to the committee care of Raz by July 2. Raz may be contacted at or 780-660-6494.

- The winning video will be selected by a panel including Scout Communications Partner Trevor McConnell from Calgary, Pauline Urquhart, Executive Producer of Vicom Media Productions in Edmonton, and AUPE Anti-Privatization Committee members.

- The winner will be revealed at a screening and award presentation one week after the deadline (time and location to be announced).

Creators will retain all rights to their videos but the creator of the winning video must agree to allow AUPE to use the winning product to promote its position on privatization to the public and must agree to post the video to YouTube.

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is the province's largest union.

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  $500 prize on offer for best video about privatization, posted on AUPE website June 5, 2008

Posted: June 18, 2008

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