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Harper cuts funding to International Education Program

Jeopardizes education of 2 million in developing world.

Pearson: Teachers promote access to education by volunteering with under-trained teachers abroad.Ottawa, ON (February 4, 2011): Harper's Conservatives have abruptly decided to cut off the Canadian Teachers' Federation's celebrated International Education Program, a 50-year partnership that helped Canadian teachers volunteer their time and expertise to improve education and learning in developing countries.

"The Harper government has attacked all Canadian teachers and their volunteer role in promoting better education around the world by cutting off funding to this program," said Liberal International Cooperation Critic Glen Pearson.

"For more than 50 years, teachers in this program have worked with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to promote access to quality education by volunteering their skills and expertise with under-trained teachers abroad.

  "Promoting universal access to quality education is a pillar of Canada's international commitments and of the Millennium Development Goals."

"The Conservatives' decision to cut all funding has jeopardized the education of more than two million students in the developing world and left their 13,000 teachers in the lurch. After cutting $2 million in annual funding, the CTF has had to lay off committed employees who support this volunteer program."

"The Conservatives' claim that CIDA rejected funding for the program because it no longer fit with Canada's international development priorities is completely false," said Liberal MP John McKay. "The CTF program received a glowing review from CIDA, and promoting universal access to quality education is a pillar of Canada's international commitments and of the Millennium Development Goals."

Critics are demanding that the Conservative government explain its rejection of CTF's International Program, make public CIDA's decision, release the application and all related documents, and reinstate the program.

Disturbing reports have surfaced that suggest the Harper government may have slashed the CTF's funding in an attempt to silence their criticism of the government's poor record on child poverty and housing in Canada and the government's cancellation of the Liberal child care and early learning policy.

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  Conservatives attack teachers by axing global education program

Posted: February 07, 2011


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