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Attacks on public employees shameful

Republicans undercut public servants to protect America's rich.

Robert Reich says the US political right is going after public employees.Public policy expert Robert Reich asserts that "Republicans don't want to have to justify continued tax cuts for the rich. As quietly as possible, they want to make them permanent." In a recent blog post, Reich says that the US's political right is trying to spin a tale that would make scapegoats out of public servants while protecting America's rich.

Reich points to three facets of public policy that Republicans are trying to subvert: earnings in the public sector versus the private sector, public versus private pension plans, and public servants' bargaining rights. In each case, Reich says the Republicans are comparing apples with oranges. "The right's argument is shot-through with bad data, twisted evidence, and unsupported assertions."

"In 1968, 1,300 sanitation workers in Memphis went on strike. The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to support them. That was where he lost his life. Eventually Memphis heard the grievances of its sanitation workers. And in subsequent years millions of public employees across the nation have benefited from the job protections they've earned.

But now the right is going after public employees.

Republicans would rather deflect attention from corporate executive pay that continues to rise as corporate profits soar, even as corporations refuse to hire more workers."

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Posted: January 06, 2011

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