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Police conduct "arbitrary and excessive"

Canadian Civil Liberties Union calls for public inquiry into police action during G20 conference.

Police conduct "arbitrary and excessive"by Straight Goods staff

"It is the opinion of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association [CCLA] that police conduct during the G20 Summit was, at times, disproportionate, arbitrary and excessive," according to the Executive Summary of the CCLA's new report. "In our view, despite instances of commendable and professional conduct, the policing and security efforts, especially after 5pm on June 26 and June 27, failed to demonstrate commitment to Canada's constitutional values." The G20 Summit did not authorize or warrant suspension of Canada's constitutional rights and freedoms.

The report reaches back to early planning and examines the location and preparation for G20 security, finding areas that could be improved. It questions the sheer numbers of police officers present, for example. But then the report finds:

"June 26 represents a turning point. Widespread property damage was committed by a cohort of vandals in the downtown of Toronto on that day. We condemn this criminal activity and acknowledge that it warranted a response by police. The response which police provided, however, was unprecedented, disproportionate and, at times, unconstitutional..."

"... We certainly acknowledge that the police faced a difficult task. Nonetheless, Canadians are entitled to policing that does not undermine constitutional values..."

The CCLA invites concerned Canadians to sign its petition calling for a full public inquiry, at the URL below.

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  Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Posted: July 03, 2010


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