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CCLA warns security zone is now under "Public Works Protection Act".

A reader submitted this photo of underutilized mounted police at the G20 site in Canadian Civil Liberties Association

TORONTO – June 25: The Canadian Civil Liberties Association CCLA has just learned that the entire perimeter of the security zone has been designated under the Public Works Protection Act. This Act gives dire powers to the "guards" of the public work: power to search without a warrant; obligation of visitors to state name and purpose of the visit; and, power to deny entry. Most of these powers contradict current constitutional safeguards. The Regulation which was not announced, has appeared on e-laws and will be published in its regular form only on July 03, 2010.

One person has already been arrested under the Act, which provides:

A guard or peace officer,
(a) may require any person entering or attempting to enter any public work or any approach thereto to furnish his or her name and address, to identify himself or herself and to state the purpose for which he or she desires to enter the public work, in writing or otherwise;

(b) may search, without warrant, any person entering or attempting to enter a public work or a vehicle in the charge or under the control of any such person or which has recently been or is suspected of having been in the charge or under the control of any such person or in which any such person is a passenger; and

(c) may refuse permission to any person to enter a public work and use such force as is necessary to prevent any such person from so entering.

Every person who neglects or refuses to comply with a request or direction made under this Act is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $500 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than two months, or to both.

CCLA is obviously extremely concerned about the implications of this measure and will seek to challenge them.

WARNING: The new designation alters dramatically the advice that lawyers may have been provided to protesters or the general public if they find themselves at the proximity of the fence. Please consult and write to us if you are concerned about this development.

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Posted: June 25, 2010

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