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G8/G20 Summits, June 2010 – Index of links

Summary of articles about the G8 Summit in Muskoka and G20 Summit in Toronto, from Straight Goods News, labour, NGOs, and other sources.

G8/G20 Summits, June 2010Police grabbed Critical Mass cyclist in mid-ride

Toronto police threaten G20 journalists with rape

Grim echo of 1930s as governments cut spending

G8 seeks to divert attention from broken aid pledge

A reader writes about her G20 weekend

Police desperate to avoid an inquiry

Conditions at G20 detention centre are illegal, immoral and dangerous

People First and the G20 Summit

Live blog from Saturday G20 protest

Banks are off the hook, with austerity for the rest of the world

What the media ignored at G20 protests

G20 failing to meet jobs challenge

Civil society muzzled at G20

Eyewitness account from Queen and Spadina

Open letter alleges police brutality at G20 demo

Videos of G20 protests and policing

CCLA rights monitors arrested

EDITORIAL: Photos, eyewitness accounts and reports raise questions that only a full judicial inquiry can answer

G20 draws a blank on poverty – Oxfam

Final G20 draft: Clean energy hoovered out of final communiqué – WWF

Take a tour of the Fake Lake

G8 leaders offer little and fail to hold themselves accountable

Environmental groups frustrated with climate change and energy outcomes of Muskoka G8

G8 Summit Of Shame fails poor people – Oxfam

Maternal health funding could be a shell game – Oxfam

G8 maternal child health initiative a dismal failure – World Poverty Coalition

Summits could be wasted opportunities – Pembina Institute

Almost martial law...

Opinions mixed on whether to influence or scrap G8/G20 summits

Huntsville: Reporter detained several hours

Canadian women demand action on G8 Muskoka Health Initiative

Leaked declaration sees G20 back off plan to stop subsidies for Big Oil and Coal

G20 Report – June 23, 2010 – produced by the Alternative Media Centre

Summits could be wasted opportunities – Pembina Institute

Major protest against the dictator Meles Zenawi of Ethopia at the G20 Summit – an invitation

Posted: June 23, 2010

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