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OISE survey good news for public educators

Ontario poll confirms support for public education and opposition to privatization.

Ontario poll confirms support for public education and opposition to Doug Little

The Ontario Institute for Public Education at University of Toronto (OISE/UT) has been conducting an annual survey of public opinion in education for 17 years. Many of the questions are repeated each year, so Ontarians can see the trends over time. Some questions are new each time as issues arise. This year's report is good news for public education and ought to encourage the ministry and boards to continue attempting to increase the quality of education and at the very least, not slash budgets.

Satisfaction overall is at an all time high continuing the climb it has been on since the end of the Harris/Eves nightmare. Support for increased funding is very strong with 85% supporting an increase or at least holding on to support. Only 15% favour cuts. Ontarians, in a significant majority, want more funding for education and are even willing to tax themselves more if necessary, to pay for increases in education spending.

McGuinty's Early Learning Plan is safe with 55% in favour and only 31% opposed with the rest undecided. John Tory's folly continues to be evident with only 27% in favour of any public funding of private schools and only single digit support of faith-based private education. Smaller classes are supported by 73% in the survey. Although a majority continues to support standardized testing, only 47% believes that it does any good.

Public education supporters need to check out this report to buttress their arguments going forward. There is a lot to support our cause in this report.

Doug Little publishes The Little Education Report.

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Posted: April 13, 2010


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