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US Businesses and economists back public health care with petition

Public health care seen as saviour of the economy.

by Brooke Jarvis, YES! magazine

June 25, 2009 — In the fight to frame the debate over health care reform, opponents of a universally available public plan rely again and again on what they seem to consider their trump card: the economy. Last week, a Congressional Budget Office analysis determined that initial plans proposed by leading Democratic Senators would be more expensive than anticipated (though former Labor Secretary Robert Reich listed some of the crucial factors left out of the analysis), and the news was interpreted far and wide: Any form of public health care is bad for business, bad for the economy, and impossible during a recession…

This time, though, economists are trying to tell us that the dispute has more to do with framing than with substance - that there may be no need to take sides. A robust public plan, they say, wouldn't come at the expense of the economy. It would come to its rescue. In a recently-released petition, more than 300 economists, business leaders, and health care experts declared that "we can't afford NOT to reform our health care system." Meanwhile, an in-depth study of the effect of a pay-or-play system (in which large firms are required to either provide health coverage for their employees or pay into a public fund all workers could access) on employment found that such a system would likely lead to significant job growth…

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  Why Businesses and Economists Are Backing the Health Care "Public Option", by Brooke Jarvis, YES! magazine, June 25 2009
  Health Care for All: We Can't Afford Not to Act Now, by Campaign for America's Future

Posted: July 16, 2009

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