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CMA elects public-system champion for president

Last two presidents owned, campaigned aggressively for private clinics.

Dr Jeffrey Turnbull will be the new President of the CMAMarch 9, 2009 — If the debate over health care has sounded off-key in recent years, one reason may be that the leading voice of Canada's doctors has been skewing rightward at the highest levels.

The last two presidents of the Canadian Medical Association were proud owners of private clinics who campaigned aggressively for more privatization that could create a two-tier health care system across the country. The current CMA President, Dr Robert Ouellet, and his predecessor, Dr Brian Day, both mounted high-profile crusades that were out of sync not only with Canadian public opinion but even the sentiments of many doctors.

The internal politics of the CMA, like any union or national organization, are complex. Low turnouts and split votes meant that Ouellet and Day were elected by tiny minorities of the overall membership, resulting in a disconnect with the grassroots.

Under the annual rotation of the CMA presidency, it will be Ontario's turn to take the helm next year. Now, a hard-fought campaign for the support of the province's doctors has culminated with the victory last week of Dr Jeff Turnbull. . .

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  A victory for medicare, by the Toronto Star, March 9 2009

Posted: March 10, 2009

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