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University education in Canada no longer affordable for most — study - Posted: October 04, 2012
  Tax credits and debt relief programs don't help students pay the bills.

BC Liberals blocking right to democratically-elected school board in Cowichan Valley - Posted: October 04, 2012
  Government fired trustees over deficit budget meant to rectify years of cuts.

Teachers best-positioned to save public education system — Salutin - Posted: October 01, 2012
  Union bargaining brought about all the important education reforms.

Teachers and education support staff taking Ontario Liberals to court over Bill 115 - Posted: October 01, 2012
  Legislation removing collective bargaining rights seeks to make itself above the law.

Chicago teachers refuse "best we can do" excuses - Posted: October 01, 2012
  Concessions now only mean more concessions later, says CTU.

Civil rights organization, union ready to fight Ontario Liberals educational Bill 115 in court if passed - Posted: September 29, 2012
  Constitutional rights blatantly disregarded for political advancement during election period.

Ontario's education minister falsely creating strike panic - Posted: August 16, 2012
  August contract expiry prompts province to threaten back-to-work legislation pre-emptively.

Predatory privatization threatens citizens, communities — report - Posted: August 16, 2012
  Citizens pay "a terrible long-term price to plug short-term budget holes."

Privatization gives the last laugh to for-profits - Posted: August 01, 2012
  Undermining the common good not funny.

Canadian teachers comment on their ability to do their jobs - Posted: July 19, 2012
  Teaching requirements remove focus from students.

Hudak's assault on labour - Posted: July 18, 2012
  Ontario's education workers could lose years of hard-earned job benefits.

Two-year wait too long for review of Ontario College of Teachers recommendations — union - Posted: June 29, 2012
  New report comments on investigation and disciplinary processes.

School library staff already receiving layoff notices following Ontario Liberal budget - Posted: June 28, 2012
  Cuts totalling over $500 million in three years take services away from students.

Louisiana's back-door education privatization plan - Posted: June 06, 2012
  Voucher system to launch in the fall.

For-profit education leaves kids behind - Posted: May 10, 2012
  The pineapple-sized thorn in America's side.

California's degraded education system - Posted: March 19, 2012
  Reverse austerity to restore quality education — Rose Aguilar.

Teachers attacked by Liberals in BC and Ontario - Posted: March 19, 2012
  Teacher leaders ought to focus on a new political plan.

Crumbling education system reveals costs of Michigan's austerity politics - Posted: February 29, 2012
  Public dollars being diverted from disadvantaged students.

Thirteen Influential Education Thinkers - Posted: February 29, 2012
  A look at key contributions to education systems and methods.

Drumming up teacher support for the Liberals a tough feat for McGuinty - Posted: February 02, 2012
  Education workers won't back new austerity priorities.

Online charter schools cost taxpayers, enrich private companies and fail students - Posted: January 19, 2012
  Lower education standards increase corporate profits.

New Brunswick Auditor General criticises government's decision to build P3 schools - Posted: January 19, 2012
  Preferential treatment of P3 model distorted analysis results.

Republicans work with private interests to push virtual charter schools - Posted: November 24, 2011
  Potential for profit overrides lower quality of education, decreased student performance levels.

BC discriminating against union activists and elected school board officials - Posted: November 16, 2011
  Proposed education legislation attempts to silence those who disagree with government.

Murdoch seeks to turn a profit on the 'education market' - Posted: November 02, 2011
  Technology-based approaches that don't consider social factors are 'doomed to fail'.

BC education threatened by privatization lobby - Posted: October 13, 2011
  Provincial Liberals 'pretending you can get a quality product by nickel-and-diming the system'.

User fees for enriched classes new way privatization creeping into education system - Posted: October 06, 2011
  Public Education Week raises awareness about illicit school practices.

BC community school board trustee defends publicly owned bus system - Posted: September 21, 2011
  Model has already seen efficiencies amid deep cuts in recent years.

School 'reform' really about privatization - Posted: September 21, 2011
  Education an investment, not an expense, says author.

Education activists seek to supplant capitalist system with 'free development' model - Posted: September 14, 2011
  Curriculum endowed with mindless, irrelevant routine a trap to create passive followers.

Increasing spending on education good for government budgets — OECD - Posted: September 14, 2011
  Educated individuals less of a drain on social programs, pay more tax.

School privatization proponents back Wisconsin governor - Posted: August 31, 2011
  Ideological, financial support helped Republicans in 2010 elections, 2011 recalls.

Private daycare threat has BC moving to change who controls childcare - Posted: August 30, 2011
  Corporate purchase of five daycare centres is really about real estate.

Wisconsin university playing privatization trick — Peter Rickman - Posted: June 15, 2011
  Budget approval that would legislate "Badger Partnership" looms.

Koch brothers fund university departments to train future profiteers - Posted: June 08, 2011
  Right-wing billionaires privatize academics in the name of profit for private interests.

Public education allows kids to innovate new ways of building — and belonging to — community - Posted: May 27, 2011
  Democratic principles like freedom of expression and independent thinking more valuable than what's on the curriculum.

How community-based approaches can make education more "public" - Posted: May 19, 2011
  Focusing on kids' needs at grassroots level gets results.

Edmonton school board moves to prevent for-profit child care - Posted: May 19, 2011
  Motion thwarts expansion of corporate centres.

Standardized tests fail the education system - Posted: May 11, 2011
  Business culture's focus on measurable data can have the opposite effect than the one desired.

Saskatchewan teachers staged one-day strike - Posted: May 11, 2011
  Withdrawal of services highlighted value of teachers' work.

Too many choices in education drain the public purse but don't improve the system - Posted: April 28, 2011
  Loss of vocal parents, best teachers and principals harms system further.

Teachers matter in the public education system - Posted: April 20, 2011
  Educators often react wearily to the endless trends and fads that wash over their world.

Privatization blocks free access to science journals - Posted: March 28, 2011
  Public, libraries to remain in the dark unless they cough up.

Budget's piecemeal approach to education sidesteps real needs - Posted: March 24, 2011
  Modest student debt relief, low research funding to granting councils show a political choice.

Canadian post-secondary education at risk of Wisconsin-style attacks - Posted: March 24, 2011
  Groundwork for increased privatization on campuses already being laid.

USA proposes new regulations to limit for-profit schools from plundering educational grants - Posted: February 23, 2011
  For-profit grant students default more, graduate less.

Harper cuts funding to International Education Program - Posted: February 07, 2011
  Jeopardizes education of 2 million in developing world.

Quebec's underfunded universities can mine rich tax havens for funds - Posted: January 15, 2011
  Forget asking poor students to foot the bill.

Long-distance scorer reveals absurdity of corporate test-scoring system - Posted: January 05, 2011
  Politicians and corporations benefit from privatized test-scoring, students and test-scorers suffer.

Standing up for public education in Ontario - Posted: December 20, 2010
  Diversity helps kids learn — commercialization helps them learn an agenda, says defender.

Newmarket, ON public library set to strike in New Year - Posted: December 20, 2010
  Discontent brewing since summer boils over as 95 percent give bargaining committee mandate to strike.

Simmering Quebec set to boil - Posted: December 19, 2010
  Promised cuts to social program spending and a doubling of university tuition fees ignite Quebec's social movement.

Youth are challenged to take up 'Shannen"s Dream" - Posted: November 24, 2010
  Educators active in campaign calling for First Nations' education equality being launched in memory of youth activist.

Poverty and class size drive down educational achievement - Posted: November 17, 2010
  Conservative education reforms are distractions to move debate away from poverty, which requires progressive solutions.

Election platform aims to put focus back on education, not ineffective testing - Posted: October 21, 2010
  Ontario teachers are tired of feeding government's insatiable appetite for evidence that its top-down initiatives are working.

Teacher bonuses not linked to better student performance – study - Posted: September 23, 2010
  Merit pay does nothing to improve test scores or other markers of success.

Education moving to centre stage as Hudak tops McGuinty in poll - Posted: September 23, 2010
  But by opposing popular early learning program, Tories play into Liberal trap for a repeat of John Tory debacle.

Ontario teachers call for two-year moratorium on Grades 3 and 6 standardized testing - Posted: September 13, 2010
  Teachers assess students better than EQAO tests - ETFO.

BC government leaning toward private schools - Posted: August 03, 2010
  The premier 'chairs' a Fraser Institute fundraiser. The Fraser Institute extols private education. Public school advocates are worried.

"Education catastrophe" as states may cut 300,000 public school jobs - Posted: April 30, 2010
  Boards making drastic cuts because state money and local property taxes have been hit hard by the recession.

OISE survey good news for public educators - Posted: April 13, 2010
  Ontario poll confirms support for public education and opposition to privatization.

Obama adopts groupthink of standardized testing - Posted: April 13, 2010
  Progressives started Ontario schools down this slippery slope to placate conservatives.

Ontario elementary teachers say standardized testing doesn't work - Posted: March 29, 2010
  Eliminating EQAO and letting teachers teach would save money, produce results - ETFO.

PM urged to "put people first" in budget - Posted: March 02, 2010
  Economic recovery needs quality public services, retirement security, adequate EI benefits.

Canada falls to 25th in Gender Gap Index, down from 7th in 2004 - Posted: February 23, 2010
  UN has strongly criticized Canada on women's poverty, violence to Aboriginal women & girls.

Alberta budget spending shell game gets losing grade - Posted: February 23, 2010
  Increases to health care, infrastructure were financed by cuts to other areas, elimination of 800 public service jobs.

Report supporting public private partnerships (P3s) "biased and superficial" - Posted: February 20, 2010
  Privatizing schools in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick not proven cost effective.

Bottled Water Free Day campaign on March 11 in schools, universities, colleges - Posted: February 18, 2010
  Public infrastructure such as water fountains not being maintained or installed in new buildings.

New resources, research to help battle privatization in BC - Posted: February 12, 2010
  Lengthy contracts signed with private corporations to operate previously public services.

Planned cuts to Ontario child care programs will leave low-income, special needs families without care - Posted: February 12, 2010
  Job losses and increased demand for welfare will outweigh savings from cuts.

BC public-private partnerships (P3s) questioned by Auditor General, independent review called for - Posted: February 01, 2010
  "Bill of goods" being sold to Canadian taxpayers with privatization.

Most Canadians see municipal infrastructure as key to quality of life - Posted: January 25, 2010
  New poll says 96 percent think funding should be maintained or increased, protected against future offloading.

Ontario college workers set to walk out in February - Posted: January 15, 2010
  Strike mandate tells management it's time to negotiate seriously.

Steady cutbacks to education funding in BC while expectations rise - Posted: January 14, 2010
  Shortfall crisis has left school districts scrambling to lever down spending by eliminating programs, staff and services.

Nova Scotia hospital, school board workers set to strike - Posted: January 07, 2010
  Wage parity, inferior contracts issues before January 11 strike date.

Ontario comes up snake eyes on education with HST gamble - Posted: January 07, 2010
  McGuinty puts early learning strategy, health, social services at risk.

Ontario community college teachers set to strike - Posted: December 23, 2009
  Negotiations broke down when colleges walked away from the table.

Sympathy, kindness keys to human survival - UC Berkeley - Posted: December 23, 2009
  Study contradicts common concept of survival of the fittest.

Fraser Institute's school rankings more harm than good - Posted: December 14, 2009
  Standardized exams poor way of assessing students.

Unfair funding distribution hurts schools across BC - trustees, parents, teachers, staff - Posted: December 12, 2009
  Citizens groups turn up heat on Campbell government.

Ontario's school funding falling behind: Study - Posted: November 20, 2009
  Province ranks 54 out of 64 Canadian and American jurisdictions.

Alternative to Remembrance Day ceremonies, Ed Broadbent moderates event - Posted: November 12, 2009
  Palestinian doctor believes in hope, reconiliation despite personal tragedy.

Full day kindergarten welcomed by parents, advocates, union - Posted: November 09, 2009
  Money spent on early education proven to have long term impact against poverty.

How Sault Ste. Marie avoided massive line-ups and anger at their H1N1 clinics - Posted: November 09, 2009
  More effective care in Canada needed to seamlessly link primary health care to public health.

Defend access to health care based on need: Medicare Pledge from Canadian Health Coalition - Posted: November 06, 2009
  On-line initiative to demonstrate support for public insurance.

Students hit by record youth unemployment, assistance cuts - Posted: October 05, 2009
  Summer job dearth for 15 to 24 year olds breaks all previous records.

New film: You, Me and the SPP - Posted: October 05, 2009
  What was the real agenda behind North America's overreaching security agreement? Market accessibility.

BC Health Sciences Association blasts government for cutting autism support - Posted: September 27, 2009
  Says "improvement in service" is really $3 million in cuts.

Spend early on children, says OECD - Posted: September 27, 2009
  New report compares public spending, policies for children with child-wellbeing in different countries.

Privatization, casualization global trends in higher education - Posted: September 27, 2009
  Casualization brings poor working conditions, low wages and a decline in qualifications of academic staff.

BC: education grants cut in half - Posted: September 27, 2009
  Critics note cuts will hit the poor hardest.

Alberta: threat of more education cuts galvanizes resistance - Posted: September 26, 2009
  Parents, teachers and trustees join forces.

Ontario: new "transactional" schools gaining ground - Posted: September 26, 2009
  Make education relevant and thought-provoking, not about regurgitating facts, proponents say.

Standardized testing: failing grade - Posted: September 25, 2009
  Time-consuming, high stress test has questionable merit, say Ontario teachers.

Dependence on parent fundraising grows huge gap between public schools - Posted: September 17, 2009
  Trustees for Education discussion paper calls for equity in education.

Saskatchewan Crowns (corporations) on endangered species list - Posted: September 10, 2009
  Grassroots group fights to save affordable, accessible services from extinction.

Cafeteria kickbacks: unhealthy, unethical and pricey - Posted: September 08, 2009
  How food-service providers bilk millions from taxpayers.

Privatized public schools in USA underwhelm critics - Posted: August 27, 2009
  Studies prove public schools get disproportionate share of the neediest students, yet still do as well - or better.

Do our federal politicians still believe in Canada? - Posted: August 13, 2009
  Bold, visionary national leadership needed, not more off-loading of responsibilities.

Toronto strike: no contract, no service is basic business sense, not "public sector monopoly" - Posted: July 30, 2009
  Why demand concessions from workers while those who caused crisis get billions in bailouts?

Report: "significant downsides" to privatization - Posted: June 11, 2009
  Examines risk, responsibility, accountability, effect on jobs, exit strategy of P3s.

Part-time college workers struggle to organize in Ontario - Posted: June 08, 2009
  Refusing to count ballots in part-time faculty vote is one of many stalling tactics - OPSEU.

What is education for? - Posted: June 06, 2009
  Students aren't customers; education is not a commodity – argues author.

Quebec Auditor General asked to investigate university P3s - Posted: June 06, 2009
  Rising costs, untendered contracts raise red flags.

Alberta publicly finances four high schools, cancels P3 project - Posted: June 06, 2009
  Ten elementary, middle schools will still be built with more expensive P3 model.

Deregulated post-secondary education in BC gets failing grade - Posted: May 27, 2009
  Government washes hands of mess, tells students to sue substandard institutions.

Research backs up public daycare for quality, cost, inclusion - Posted: May 22, 2009
  Substantial body of North American research concludes:commercial status means poorer quality.

Cafeteria kickbacks: corporate food companies bilk millions from taxpayers - Posted: April 30, 2009
  Fraudulent rebate schemes keep local providers out of school, hospital, government kitchens, critics charge.

Canadians get more public services than they pay for - Posted: April 22, 2009
  Families in middle 50 percent receive at least half their private incomes in benefits most take for granted - CCPA.

Canada's top scientists reeling from $148 million in cuts to ongoing research - Posted: March 16, 2009
  Brain drain feared as US government set to pump $18 billion into science.

"Hidden horrors" of federal budget threaten waterways, students, women, workers - Posted: February 27, 2009
  Conservatives pursue deregulatory agenda by gutting environment assessment.

Budget 2009: Canada's child care crisis will continue - Posted: February 18, 2009
  Addresses neither old issues, nor new needs of parents in employment upheaval.

Ending the hidden agenda behind tax cuts - Posted: February 17, 2009
  What happens in the real world when this reasoning is taken to its logical conclusion?

BC poverty election issue as 200 organizations demand government action - Posted: February 11, 2009
  Open letter and petition gives concrete plan for taking on highest poverty rates in country, despite years of growth.

Letter from front line to Flaherty - Posted: January 28, 2009
  Instead of NSA corporate tax cuts, give tax credits for real investments in Canadian economy.

Green-collar economy taking root in Chicago - Posted: January 22, 2009
  Efforts aim to marry environment, enterprise, social need.

How Canada can beat tough times - Posted: January 20, 2009
  Government bonds would give citizens a choice as to where they direct their support.

Canadians value public services over tax cuts: new poll - Posted: January 14, 2009
  Nanos Research shows broad support for social safety net in tough times.

Progressive policy leader Quebec winning the baby race - Posted: January 05, 2009
  Family and child-friendly policies help bring birth rate above national average.

US needs trillion dollar recovery package - Posted: January 03, 2009
  'You can't put out a forest fire with a squirt gun,' says Congressional Progressive Caucus.

On the heels of federal-provincial budget talks: a real plan to deal with the economic crisis - Posted: December 18, 2008
  Cutting interest rates is not enough

The plan: strong economy, fair society, clean environment - Posted: December 15, 2008
  Reports, petition, Facebook group promote ways to change Canadian society for the better.

UNICEF flunks Canada on child care - Posted: December 14, 2008
  Report card on Early Childhood Education and Care program ranks Canada at the bottom.

No deal as deadline passes for Ontario elementary teachers - Posted: December 07, 2008
  Main issue funding gap for students, not wages.

Subsistence wages, job security at heart of York University strike - Posted: December 06, 2008
  With accumulated surplus, hiding behind the current economic recession is deceptive, spokesperson says.

Campaign 2000 releases new report cards on child and family poverty - Posted: November 23, 2008

Government has a moral mission - George Lakoff - Posted: November 20, 2008
  Obama won because he identified empathy and aspiration, protection and empowerment as defining properties of democracy.

Rising borrowing costs could hike cost of Alberta's P3 school projects - Posted: October 29, 2008
  Economic consultant: will cost at least 50 percent more to build schools than through public sector.

Unreleased government report on water crisis in Canada made public - Posted: October 22, 2008
  Warns of jurisdictional conflict with US, unsustainable industrial consumption.

Most prefer child care to cheques: poll - Posted: October 15, 2008
  Poll reveals Canadians prefer a national child care system to Harper government's $100 monthly cheque by a ration of 2 to 1.

Public Service, anyone? - Posted: October 09, 2008
  After a crisis, rediscover do-gooding.

Troubled Australian firm chosen to build, maintain 18 Alberta schools - Posted: September 18, 2008
  Company plagued by layoffs, resignations, massive debt and stock devaluation.

Daycare in New Brunswick gets 10-year government funding commitment - Posted: June 25, 2008
  Strategy outlines 39 initiatives aimed at services for early childhood education, parenting, child care.

Multinational child care corporation in financial meltdown - Posted: April 22, 2008
  Australian corporation was expanding into BC, Ontario and Alberta.

Foreign investment imperils child care - Posted: April 09, 2008
  Press conference cites Aussie experience, NAFTA rules.

C. D. Howe Institute ranks Alberta schools - Posted: April 08, 2008
  Methodology provides lesson in skewing statistics.

Mantra of fiscal conservatism new phenomenon - Posted: April 07, 2008
  Rather than reduce government programs during recession, we used to increase them.

Education IS a public matter - Posted: November 11, 2007
  Complaints about schools reveal privatization's real agenda.

Privatization: a reality check - Posted: November 11, 2007
  Canadians really do not want to privatize the public services that are most important to them.

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