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Insecure power supplies in Alberta boost private profits - Posted: August 01, 2012
  Province should heed failure of electricity deregulation.

BC Hydro wasting water to purchase private power - Posted: May 23, 2012
  Utility losing money, costing taxpayers, and enriching for-profit companies.

Ontario pays private firms more than Crown Corporation in secret power contracts - Posted: November 16, 2011
  Power costs rise because McGuinty privatized 10 percent more of it since coming to office.

Privatizing Toronto Hydro would be short-sighted - Posted: November 02, 2011
  Mayor forgets he once voted in favour of the public interest — and a public Toronto Hydro.

European and Canadian organizations join together, call for public debate on CETA - Posted: October 24, 2011
  Condemnation for lack of transparency in negotiations spreads.

Nova Scotia community ready and willing to sell its water supply to oil project - Posted: September 14, 2011
  Unsustainable project in all likelihood to move forward.

BC Hydro director suggested the public institution could have role in future water privatization - Posted: September 07, 2011
  Privatization of utility itself now under scrutiny.

Canada being sued for NAFTA violation by private American wind energy company - Posted: July 21, 2011
  Local procurement rules in Ontario Green Energy Act threatened.

Muskoka renewable energy cooperative applies for support for community energy - Posted: July 21, 2011
  Private landowner would share revenue with non-profit and municipality.

Ontario NDP pledges to bring hydro back to a public system - Posted: July 06, 2011
  Move would eliminate bureaucratic waste, stop power price spikes.

Manitoba Hydro provides the most reliable service in North America for the lowest rates — report - Posted: July 06, 2011
  Unions campaign to keep the Crown corporation public in light of fall elections.

A quarter of Canada's electricity generated by private firms, set to rise to a third in less than a decade - Posted: April 21, 2011
  Private interests to profit; public to pay more, again.

Gouging Manitoba public for hydro profits would spur cost increases throughout the economy - Posted: March 18, 2011
  Lower overall standard of living versus low-cost, efficiently delivered public energy.

Cities under pressure over water - Posted: January 16, 2011
  Canada's water infrastructure in a dismal state, cost-cutting at odds with repairs.

What you don't know about a deal you haven't heard of - Posted: January 07, 2011
  CETA challenges Canadian sovereignty, increases Canada's carbon emissions potential.

BC government destroying public power - Posted: December 07, 2010
  Energy plan systematically dismantled, privatized, encumbered, and disempowered provincial utility.

Hydro bills paying for lobbyists: Ontario NDP - Posted: November 05, 2010
  Provincial Liberals take cash from publicly-owned utilities.

Coalition helps topple Liberals after botched NB Power sale - Posted: October 06, 2010
  We recognized that people power worked in New Brunswick – Tom Mann, NBU.

Toronto council votes to keep power in public hands - Posted: July 09, 2010
  Publicly-owned and delivered electricity has helped Toronto prosper.

Final G20 Draft - Posted: June 27, 2010
  Clean energy hoovered out of G20 final communique - WWF

Environmental groups frustrated with climate change and energy outcomes of Muskoka G8 - Posted: June 26, 2010
  Having stalled climate action in Canada for the last 4 years, the Harper government has successfully stalled it at the G8.

Leaked declaration sees G20 back off plan to stop subsidies for Big Oil and Coal - Posted: June 23, 2010
  Commitment is watered down in draft statement - Greenpeace.

General Electric and BC's private power gold rush - Posted: May 21, 2010
  When cash-poor Finavera needed backers for its Peace River wind farms, who stepped up? First, an aging Irish tycoon cut his sweet deal, then giant GE gained the 'lions share' of profits.

Huge profits from BC private power raise alarms - Posted: April 30, 2010
  Corporations pocket green energy subsidies.

Selling Ontario Power Generation would take the lid off electricity prices - Posted: April 21, 2010
  The only thing that stands between Ontarians and soaring deregulated electricity prices are government caps.

A dozen key problems with the BC Energy Plan - Posted: April 06, 2010
  Plan will privatize BC's watersheds and power production, erode public utility, and export electricity to the US market.

New Brunswick power deal axed - Posted: March 24, 2010
  Grassroots protest congratulated on putting pressure on government to abandon plan.

PM urged to "put people first" in budget - Posted: March 02, 2010
  Economic recovery needs quality public services, retirement security, adequate EI benefits.

New Brunswick being run by "shadow government", letter to the editor - Posted: March 02, 2010
  PV reader underlines value of social networking for grassroots organizing against sale of NB Power.

Prudent long-term electricity planning also needs reasonable investment - Posted: February 18, 2010
  Chasing votes does little to develop requirement guidelines, reserve capacity.

New resources, research to help battle privatization in BC - Posted: February 12, 2010
  Lengthy contracts signed with private corporations to operate previously public services.

First of its kind report tracks water pollution caused by air contaminants - Posted: January 31, 2010
  Protection plans for drinking water for 11M Ontarians under development.

Obama missed three significant opportunities to green American economy - Klein - Posted: December 22, 2009
  Other countries were poised to follow American lead.

Time for Canada to have an adult conversation about climate change - Pembina Institute - Posted: November 10, 2009
  Country can meet target to cut greenhouse gas pollution and enjoy solid economic growth.

Hotel among first in Toronto to subsidize transit pass for workers - Posted: November 06, 2009
  TTC urging hotels and businesses to make program part of green strategy.

Political leaders lacking vision with traditional "shovel ready" spending - Posted: October 23, 2009
  Purchase of local, sustainable and nutritious groceries could create "virtuous-circle" economics to finance stimulus.

Montreal auditor general pulls plug on water meter privatization contract - Posted: October 05, 2009
  Rates hikes of 167 percent, spiraling costs, conflict of interest cited.

New film: You, Me and the SPP - Posted: October 05, 2009
  What was the real agenda behind North America's overreaching security agreement? Market accessibility.

Saskatchewan Crowns (corporations) on endangered species list - Posted: September 10, 2009
  Grassroots group fights to save affordable, accessible services from extinction.

Public-private partnerships put corporate paws in public pockets - Posted: September 10, 2009
  Bargain basement highways, meter-collecting revenues and public buildings give complex tax advantages to investors.

Ride for free: The case for free public transit - Posted: August 18, 2009
  Belgium's free public transit is a how-to success story.

Mainstream media misses the boat on BC river privatization - Posted: August 13, 2009
  Power, tax revenues go south at a loss, local market prices triple.

Disturbing trend towards criminalizing public dissent in Ontario - Posted: August 13, 2009
  Police compile list, lay charges against rural retirees who oppose dump site.

Do our federal politicians still believe in Canada? - Posted: August 13, 2009
  Bold, visionary national leadership needed, not more off-loading of responsibilities.

New Rule: Not everything in America has to make a profit - Posted: July 31, 2009
  US commentator asks: when did the profit motive become the new patriotism?

BC Utilities Commission pulls plug on government plans to privatize power - Posted: July 30, 2009
  Regulatory body confirms province's need for additional power was grossly exaggerated.

Yukon energy privatization attempt brings resignations, backpeddling - Posted: July 16, 2009
  Premier vows no privatization, but talks continue.

Public policy in UK shifts from growth to wellbeing, sustainability - Posted: July 02, 2009
  Watchdog organization keeps British government on track for 'prosperity without growth'.

Nuclear safety threatened by cost cuts - Posted: June 15, 2009
  Safe operation, adequate oversight worth more than possible savings of $7 million.

Municipal governments organize for protection from NAFTA, WTO - Posted: June 13, 2009
  Delegates to national conference demand open public consultation, protection for democratic governance.

Ontario passes Green Energy Act - Posted: June 12, 2009
  Groundbreaking legislation heralded by coalition of leading environmental groups.

AECL's viable assets to be sold - Posted: May 31, 2009
  Taxpayers will be on hook for liabilities and toxic assets.

50 grassroots organizations reject energy sell-off in BC - Posted: May 12, 2009
  Environmental, indigenous, community and labour groups unite against privatized "run-of-the-river" power projects.

Edmonton privatizes public power utility behind closed doors - Posted: May 12, 2009
  Civic stakeholders, competitors find out about deal only after finalization.

Urgent call for action to stop sale of BC's rivers - Posted: May 07, 2009
  Private run-of-river power projects sidestep public, environmental accountability.

BC public employees join call for moratorium on private run-of-river power - Posted: April 30, 2009
  Groups want proper environmental assessments, local governance and community voices restored.

Plan to privatize AECL like dismantling Avro - Posted: April 08, 2009
  Would jettison only most valuable portions, keep money-losers as Crown assets.

Maryland rethinks utility deregulation: thousands face cut-off - Posted: March 18, 2009
  Service interruption stayed for 117,000 pending review of doubled, tripled rates.

Half-hearted budget won't help the hard-hit - Posted: January 28, 2009
  Tax cuts, corporate handouts, minor benefits seriously underestimate the job at hand.

Worldwide inventory of infrastructure spending plans - Posted: January 24, 2009
  Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada surveys world government reactions to crisis.

How Canada can beat tough times - Posted: January 20, 2009
  Government bonds would give citizens a choice as to where they direct their support.

US needs trillion dollar recovery package - Posted: January 03, 2009
  'You can't put out a forest fire with a squirt gun,' says Congressional Progressive Caucus.

On the heels of federal-provincial budget talks: a real plan to deal with the economic crisis - Posted: December 18, 2008
  Cutting interest rates is not enough

The plan: strong economy, fair society, clean environment - Posted: December 15, 2008
  Reports, petition, Facebook group promote ways to change Canadian society for the better.

Provincial safety review of Sunrise Propane explosion fails to consider fundamental problem - Posted: November 12, 2008
  Mayor, councilor of affected ward had both expected to see privatized regulating body abolished, safety regulation revert to government control.

Privatization in many forms looms as potential election issue - Posted: September 11, 2008
  Another public service nightmare story could galvanize debate.

Toronto propane explosion: who watches safety risks? - Posted: September 04, 2008
  Preventable disaster shows how badly industry 'self-policing' can fail.

Toronto Hydro Telecom sold to Cogeco - Posted: June 19, 2008
  Union conferring with lawyers over City of Toronto's lack of public process.

Hydro Québec's decision to privatize wind power condemned - Posted: June 19, 2008
  Charest government's decision wrong, public union says.

Alberta's electrical deregulation handed $500M bonanza to BC Hydro - Posted: May 29, 2008
  Contrary to expectations, free market has neither lowered prices nor increased generation for Albertans.

Atomic Energy to be privatized? - Posted: May 15, 2008
  Review of AECL is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

Mexico: Oil privatization halted by mass protests - Posted: May 15, 2008
  "Citizen's army" operated in shifts to blockade government buildings.

Can municipalities afford to sell electric utilities? - Posted: April 30, 2008
  Revenue flow and control over core city function are lost.

Post-Katrina New Orleans is "SPP made real" - Posted: April 23, 2008
  Recovery led by profiteers, volunteers and NGOs rather than the public sector.

Toronto Hydro: Keep Telecom Public! - Posted: March 25, 2008
  CUPE Local One members from Toronto Hydro Telecom take their anti-privatization message to the streets.

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